Wednesday, October 27, 2010

zucchini bread

I love zucchini bread, maybe because it tastes nothing like zucchini, but it's moist, sweet and has cinnamon. I am a sucker for cinnamon. No wonder why it tastes nothing like zucchini, most recipes call for 2+ of sugar and a cup or more of oil = bad bad bad. It's a dessert. I went on a quest (an online quest) to find a healthier version of zucchini bread. I liked this one, so I made it. It's a better choice for many reasons: it uses whole wheat flour instead of white, less oil, less sugar and uses some applesauce and yogurt to replace some of the bad stuff.

This website reviews several zucchini recipes (all better than the super fat sugar ones), and compares the ingredients and nutritional value of each recipe. I want to make the one with carrot and ginger in it next. It looks so good, has no oil, and only has 140 calories per slice compared to the 230 calories in the recipe above. The real naughty recipes have about 300 per slice. Anyone else have a good/healthier version of zucchini bread?


ads said...

I don't have a healthy zucchini bread recipe, just the bad, bad, bad one . . . but I love it! Is the healthy one you tried tasty, or does it taste "healthy"?

Chris said...

ya I only have ur moms recipe, its good tho :) but I'll have to try urs!

Chris said...

oh that was Karrie...I'm sure u figured it out :)