Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fruit harvest

A week ago, a bunch of friends and I ordered fruit from a farm in Utah. A truck drove up and delivered the most beautiful and tasty fruit that I've had in a long time. It was not only better priced (buying in bulk) but the quality was amazing.  I ordered a flat of raspberries, a box of pears, box of peaches, and a box of apples.

The pears were divine and vanished in a week. I froze most of the raspberries and all of the peaches for later use, and I am still working on finding recipes for the apples. I made an Apple Betty on Sunday that was scrumptious.

Yes, I staged my fruit for pictures, I couldn't help it, it was beautiful fruit.

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ads said...

Wow, beautiful looking fruit. Your pictures look like they came from a magazine. I can imagine the pears getting eaten so quickly . . . it all looks amazing.