Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the BOMBstroli

One of our new favorite dinners! The dough can be used for stromboli, pizza, and calizones! Warning: The dough needs to be made at least 10 hours before you pop it in the oven, so I usually make it a day ahead. This makes it nice to whip it together the next day without a mess. I got this recipe from and article in Fine Cooking, my favorite cooking magazine. It is found in issue 92, or online. I filled my stromboli, or BOMBstroli as we like to call it, with salami and mozzarella. You, however, can use whichever meat, veggies and cheese you desire. The article also gives a great, no-cook, dipping sauce.


Matthias said...

More appropriately Bombstrolli because it is Bombalicious and Anj is Bomberiffic!

Joseph and Amy Katschke said...

Such a sweet comment! I will have to get the recipe, it looks really yummy! Can't wait to see you guys!

ads said...

Looks so delicious, but not phase one I imagine !